The Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

roof leaksTap, tap, tap is the sound a homeowner never wants to hear. There’s a lot that can go wrong in your home, but roof leaks are the worst among them.

Whether it’s storm damage to a roof or lack of roofing maintenance, leaks are bad news. The causes of roof leaks can be difficult to diagnose and may cost an arm and a leg to fix. In this economy, the last thing you need is another liability.

Fortunately, proper roofing care can help. And knowing the causes of roof leaks means you can be prepared for when they happen.

Keep reading as we discuss the most common causes of roof leaks.

Roof Leaks from an Old Roof

Roofing maintenance is so important because as a roof ages, roof leaks become more common. Your typical roof uses shingles to keep off rain and snow. These shingles can compress and expand with the seasons to keep roofing sealed.

As time goes by, the petrochemical oils in these shingles begin to dry out. This makes it more difficult for the shingles to adapt to the seasons.

You may need to replace some or all of these shingles. Or, your local roofer may just need to patch some problem areas. In either case, call to get an assessment.

Roof Leaks from Weather

Weather takes its toll, even in areas where you have relatively good weather. Rain and snow can erode your roofing as the years go by. Strong weather events like hail and flying debris during a storm can likewise damage your home.

These damages may not be apparent from afar. They may happen in a spot on your roof that you can’t see from street level.

It doesn’t hurt to go check on your roof after a strong storm. In fact, make it a habit to go and examine it on a regular basis. You may stumble upon an issue that you didn’t know was there.

Roof Leaks from Bad Seams

Seams on a roof are everywhere. They happen at the crest of the roof or in the form of valleys where two sloping sections meet. They occur around chimneys and air conditioning units where the edges need sealing.

Without proper treatment, a seam can quickly become the source of a major leak. This may not happen immediately, instead occurring as the years go by. Normal environmental conditions will erode these problem patches.

In the process of roofing maintenance, it may be necessary to seal up these patches from time to time.

Fix Your Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the last thing a homeowner wants to discover. They could be a sign that you need a costly repair, or they may force you to live with dripping ceilings. But if you do proper roofing care and know the causes of roof leaks, you could prevent these issues.

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