The Complete Checklist for Hiring the Best Roof Repair Contractor

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Your home’s roof deals with a lot of stress all year long. In the winter it’s pelted with rain. During the summer, some roofs reach 150* F in the afternoon.

After all that trauma, your roof needs a little attention from a professional. A good roofer will spot potential leaks before rain ruins your home.

You might ask, “But how do I find the best roofing contractor near me?”

You need to do a little homework to find a roof replacement contractor you can trust. If you don’t vet your roofer, it might lead to expensive damages to your home. This guide will walk you through the important questions to ask potential contractors.

Does the Contractor Carry Insurance?

Accidents happen during construction projects all the time. To protect themselves and your home, roof replacement contractors have insurance policies.

The first policy is general liability insurance. This policy covers any damage done to you or your home during roofing repairs. It is important to make sure their insurance covers the time-frame for your roofing job.

Roofing companies should also carry workers’ compensation insurance. The policy protects the company’s workers if they are sick or injured on the job.

Is the Contractor Licensed and Certified?

Some states, like Georgia, do not require a specific roofing license. Instead, the state’s general contractor license covers roofing.

Whatever type of license the roofing company has, they should show it to you. Do not trust a company unwilling to provide a license number. It’s a sign that they may not know the proper building codes.

Individual roofers are certified by training systems to prove they know the business. Each state has a specialized certification program.

Will the Roof Replacement Contractor Offer a  Warranty?

The average roof replacement repair will last for years. But sometimes there’s a problem with the repair that no one notices.

A quality roof replacement contractor offers a warranty or guarantee on their services. This is separate from the warranty on the roofing materials.

When the roofing company offers a warranty, they’re promising to stick around. A 10 to 20-year warranty proves the company is stable and reliable. Fly-by-night roofers often don’t extend a warranty longer than 2-3 years.

Does the Contractor Provide a Written Estimate?

Once you’ve worked out whether to do a roof repair vs replacement, it’s time to talk about the price. Sit down face-to-face with the roof replacement contractor and create an estimate.

This estimate will work as your contract during the construction job. It should include:

  • A detailed list of roofing materials
  • The price for all roofing materials
  • The type of repair or replacement job
  • Labor costs
  • Any possible extra fees

When the estimate is finalized and signed, the contractor cannot change anything. During your meeting, make sure to discuss everything so there are no surprises later.

Need Help Finding a Trusted Roofing Contractor?

Your roof protects the things you care the most about in the world. Show it a little love by hiring a quality roof replacement contractor.

Don’t let a shady contractor talk you into services you don’t need. They should work with you to make sure your roof stays leak-free.

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