Spring Has Sprung: How to Get Your Roof Ready for Spring


Roofs can take quite a beating over the cold winter months. Now that spring is here, it’s important to take a look at the damage your roof may have received and give it a little love.

An inspection is required in order to figure out if there are problems you can’t see at first glance. Addressing these problems can save you a whole lot of trouble in the future, so if you’d like to know how to get your roof in tip-top shape this spring, follow this handy guide!

Spring Roof Checklist

1. Check Your Gutters

Functioning gutters prevent moisture from slowly destroying the structural integrity of your roof. Take a moment to walk around your home and check that your gutters are not clogged, broken, or dirty. Harsh winters can sometimes loosen or break them.

A quick hose-down of the gutters before the inspection can allow professionals to get a better look at any issues that may be affecting the gutters. Springtime is the perfect time for this, so get working!

2. Look At Your Shingles

You know you need to replace your shingles when they are warped, discolored, or broken. These three issues are usually apparent to the naked eye, but having a professional climb up on your roof can make them easier to spot.

Additionally, make sure the professional is inspecting the granules of your shingles. Grain is important because it is what allows shingles to protect your home from the elements. Issues like grain loss can be due to the harsh conditions of winter, so spring is the perfect time of the year for roof maintenance. 

3. Inspect the Metal

The metal strips around your roof, referred to as flashings in the business, need to be checked constantly. They are used to seal openings in the roof, preventing water from damaging the inside of your home.

Flashings can loosen up over time and make way for holes. Mold can begin growing inside your roof or in places like chimneys if the problem is not addressed quickly, so make sure to seal those holes before the infamous April showers.

4. Clean The Roof

Overall, you should be aiming to clean your roof twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. Other than inspecting the integrity of your roof, keeping it clean and well-maintained will make these issues more infrequent, increasing the life of your roof. Who doesn’t want that?

On a side note, don’t try to clean your roof on your own. It can be dangerous and ineffective. Instead, opt to have professionals do it!

Wrapping Up

Getting your roof ready for spring after some harsh winter weather is important for many reasons. Caved in roofs, mold, and water damage can all be avoided with simple checks once or twice a year.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your yearly roof cleaning or roof repair today! It can save you the hassle of having to deal with the real problems that come about from letting roof damage go untreated. 

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