Soffit vs Fascia: What’s the Difference?

soffit vs fascia

In the fight for your attention, various parts of your house always seem to get ongoing attention. One part people tend to forget about before it’s too late is the roof.

Roofs are meant to last for up to about 25 years with maintenance. But we often don’t give it the maintenance it deserves. One part of that maintenance is the soffit and fascia.

But between soffit vs fascia, which is more important? To find out the answers, keep reading!

What Is a Soffit?

A soffit is a part of the eaves of your roof. It’s the underside of the roof and butts up against the fascia board and the siding of your house.

It’s not just for good looks, though. Soffits protect rafters from rain, sun, and snow. They help keep critters out of your attic, too.

A vital role of the roof and attic is that of ventilation. Soffits that are properly installed help to regular the temperature of the attic space.

In short, they make sure that your roof is ventilated and protected, and look great while doing it. There are many styles of soffit and they only work well if properly installed.

What Is the Fascia?

The fascia or fascia board is the part of the eave that you see on the edge of the roof. It’s a kind of trim, although wider than trims you’ll see on other parts of the home. Like a soffit, it isn’t only there to look good but serves a vital purpose on your roof.

A roof without a fascia is going to have a myriad of problems — and fast. Don’t expect that roof to last through its warranty period, let alone the rest of the year.

Fascia is the support for your gutters and serves as protection from rain, snow, and wind. They also give something for Soffits to attach to.

Fascia board can come as PVC, aluminum, vinyl, or various species of wood planks.

not all styles of roofs have fascia, but if you want gutters, you’ll need a fascia board. Installing a drip edge on the fascia board will help to keep it in good repair, and enhance the role fascia plays.

Ice dams are the most common cause of damage to fascia, as well as clogged gutters and improper shingle installation.

Informed: Soffit vs Fascia

Now you see that it isn’t so much a matter of soffit vs fascia as much as soffit and fascia. The two work together as an interlocking defense against the elements, critters. Besides that, they look downright beautiful on your home when they’re maintained and installed right.

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