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When you have a garden at your home or office that you can be proud of, it gives you an extra sense of pride and happiness as a homeowner or business owner. Maintenance, as well as proper lawn and tree care, is a full-time endeavor, but the results are well worth the investment of time, energy, and money.

At Sullins Tree Service, our locally-owned and operated family tree service business takes pride in helping residents and business owners in Bastrop, TX, create a landscape that they love to see every time they come home or go to the office.

We also know that commercial real estate developers need to have land cleared in order to complete their projects. Our tree services team is here to take care of any lawn and tree care project in the Bastrop, TX, area, and we do so at a reasonable price.

Why Hire a Professional Tree Service Company?

Many residential and commercial clients believe that they can handle the tree care tasks associated with good maintenance. These activities include tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, and many other integral tasks.

Although some folks may have the equipment and knowledge to perform these tasks, a wrong snip on a tree branch or having trees trimmed at the wrong time of year could have serious impacts on the health and vitality of the trees and other plants in your garden. It is best to hire a professional service team that is well-versed in the local tree population and has the knowledge and specialized equipment to get the job done effectively and at a very fair price.

Our best tree service team at Sullins Tree Service will keep your trees healthy all year long and ensure that your home’s or business’ landscaping looks great! Our certified arborists do a terrific job, and we stand behind our professional service work for residential and commercial clients.


Our Bastrop, TX, Tree Services

At Sullins Tree Service, we offer a wide variety of lawn and tree services at an affordable rate to meet the needs of residents and businesses throughout Bastrop, TX, and the surrounding areas.

No matter what service you need for your front yard, back yard, you can rest assured that we will do an excellent job and charge a great price. We even offer a maintenance plan so that the great job we do will be long-lasting.

Our residential and commercial tree services include:

Arborist Consultations

Because we have certified arborists on staff, we are happy to offer consultations for your trees. The arborist will diagnose trees for any pests or diseases and develop a thorough tree care plan for you. We can also create a sustainable maintenance plan as part of this great service.

Tree Removal

There are certain occasions when a tree has become diseased or has died and the entire tree is in need of removal. Whether it is a small tree or a huge tree, our exceptional tree care experts can provide you with the tree removal service you need as well as a free estimate for the tree removal.

Tree Trimming

As a part of routine tree maintenance, tree trimming is an activity that needs to be done on a regular basis. Tree trimming helps to encourage tree health, new growth for the spring and keeps the trees from getting unruly.

Our lawn care experts certified arborists are well-versed in the needs of local trees, and we can provide you with professional tree trimming when the time is right for your trees. Trimming may also be exactly what you need to avoid power lines or bothering neighboring buildings.

Stump Grinding

Once tree removal services have been completed on your property, you will be left with the tree stump. Removal of that stump or stump grinding are options for you, especially if you need the land cleared completely or want to plant a second tree or other plants over top of it.

Following tree removal, stump grinding is a common option for most homeowners and businesses because it is cheaper than stump removal and causes less damage to the surrounding landscaping.

Land Clearing

When you have a construction project that needs land clearing services, our tree service team will do a wonderful job completely clearing the land of trees, stumps, and unwanted debris.

Storm Cleanup

After severe weather has hit the area, there may be fallen trees and other types of large debris in your yard. Removing that debris can take a good deal of effort and specialized equipment. At Sullins Tree Service, we can help you clean up after a storm and you will never even know that the storm passed through or our crew arrived after giving such excellent service.


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If you are a resident or business owner in Bastrop, TX, and you are in need of certain tree services, Sullins Tree Service has you covered. From stump removal to tree trimming and everything in between, our tree services are top-notch. We are happy to provide a free estimate for your tree services, and you can guarantee you will be getting a fair price.

Our tree care specialists pride themselves on providing quality work and exceptional customer service. Contact Sullins Tree Service today to request a free estimate on our lawn and tree services.


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