How to Know When to Replace a Shingle Roof

A failing roof can cause many issues inside and outside your home. For example, a failing roof may cause damage to your home’s insulation, damage to your attic and ceilings, mold throughout the house, and much more. To prevent damages like these from happening to your home, you need to know when to replace a shingle roof. 

Even the most durable roofs need replacing eventually, but is it time to replace yours? In the guide below, you’ll find several signs that your shingle roof needs replacing. Continue reading to learn more!

The Roof Is Past Its Lifespan

A shingle roof will last you around 25 years. Once the roof comes close to this age, it’s time to consider replacing it. If you fail to replace your roof at this time, then you could begin to have leaks. Eventually, the entire roof may fail.

It’s ideal to start planning a roof replacement around the 20-year mark. This gives you time to save up if needed, contact your insurance, and schedule a replacement before it’s too late. 

The Suffered Storm Damage

Even the most durable of roofs can become damaged by a storm. After each storm that passes through, you want to conduct a roof inspection. Inspect the roof for signs of damage. 

One of the most common signs of roof damage after a storm is shingles on the ground. You can walk around your house looking for granules and shingles from the roof. You should also clean the gutters and be on the lookout for them in the gutters as well. 

Thankfully, most insurance will cover a roof replacement if a certain percentage of the roof was damaged due to the storm, so always check with your insurance company first. 

There’s a Leak in Your Ceiling 

When the roof begins to fail, you’ll reap the repercussions on the inside of your home. Ceiling and wall stains or water dripping from the ceiling inside your home is a sign that your roof may be failing you. Of course, there are a few reasons why there’s water damage inside your home.

To confirm it’s the roof that’s the issue, you can safely head into your attic during the day. Look for signs of daylight shining through the ceiling onto the floors. You can also feel the insulation and walls for moisture and be on the lookout for mold or mildew. 

A roof with a leak might not need replacing over repair, but it’s ideal to contact your local roofer to complete a professional inspection. 

Do You Need to Replace a Shingle Roof?

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