How to Identify and Repair Wind Damage to Roof

Did you know that at least 87% of homes in Lilburn, GA, face some risk from damaging tropical storm winds? This sobering fact comes as studies reveal that wind speeds have increased by 30% in the last three decades.

As weather conditions worsen globally, homeowners must educate themselves about these risks to prepare for any eventuality. A wind-damaged roof can cause leaks and flooding if it’s left unattended.

Protect your home by learning more about the signs of roof damage due to wind.

Risk Factors for Roof Wind Damage

Well-built roofs installed by professional roofers can withstand severe winds without any issues. Poorly installed roofs and low-quality shingles are more susceptible to wind damage.

Also, the older your roof is, the less likely it is to survive strong winds without some damage.

Identifying Wind Damage to a Roof

In most cases, wind damage starts at the edges of your roof, where wind loosens the roofing material, allowing it to lift and blow away, but there are a few things to check after a wind storm. These include:

  • Curling, splitting, or broken shingles or shakes
  • Cracks, blisters, tears, and wrinkles on flat roof systems
  • Buckling and tears around the roof flashing
  • Missing pieces of flashing
  • Crumbling roofing cement
  • Curling, splitting, or broken fascias and soffits
  • Bent, sagging, and leaking gutters
  • Clogged, broken, or cracked ridges and roof vents
  • Loose or missing chimney flashing
  • Cracked chimneys or chimney caps

It’s not advised to climb onto your roof to check these components. You can give your roof a cursory inspection from afar using a pair of binoculars, but it’s always best to hire a professional roofer to check your roof after a storm.

Wind Damage Repair Tips

Trying to repair roof wind damage on your own is never a good idea. Working at heights is dangerous for the uninitiated, and substandard repairs can increase the risk of further wind damage and roof leaks.

For safety’s sake, always hire a professional roofing team to manage your roof repairs.

Prevent Roof Damage

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, incremental damage is a threat to even the best-constructed roofs. So, you should arrange a roof inspection after every severe weather incident.

This will reveal any small issues that could become worse over time and cause roof failure. Routine inspections and conscientious repairs are vital to ensuring your roof can stand up to the wind.

Protect Your Home and Keep Your Family Safe

Wind damage to a roof can cause serious issues with your home if you don’t take care of it promptly. Regular roof inspections are the best way to avoid unnecessary damage to your roof, and professional repairs will ensure you enjoy lasting peace of mind.

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