How to Detect Water Leaks in Your Roof

how to detect water leaks

Staying ahead of the game with your roof maintenance goes a long way toward protecting your house. You should be especially mindful about fixing roof leaks if you’re feeling a drip overhead.

Dealing with a leaky roof can be problematic if you don’t nip it in the bud. But how do you know you have a leaking roof problem?

Use the tips in this article so you can learn how to detect water leaks in your home.

Check the Attic and Your Ceilings

Your attic is a particularly vulnerable area of your house if you have a weakened roof. Go up into the attic with a  flashlight and check around for damp spots and discoloration.

If you notice brown or yellow stains, you almost certainly have a leak in your roof. Attic aside, the roof leak can also show up in your ceilings. When water is dripping from the first story, it’s likely a plumbing issue, but if the second story is dripping you have a leaky roof.

Look for Signs of Mold and Rot

The problem with a leaky roof isn’t just the leak itself — you’ll also start to have mold, rot, and water damage issues.

Household mold grows in places of moistness and dampness. When left unchecked it will begin to spread throughout several areas in your home. Nip this mold issue in the bud as quickly as you can so that you don’t start to experience some of the respiratory issues and allergic reactions that mold might cause.

If your roof materials are showing signs of rot, this is also likely due to leaks. Many homeowners notice leaks when their vents or chimney begin cracking and peeling. This happens when water damage compromises the structure and causes it to deteriorate.

Pay careful attention to water damage and call up a contractor as soon as you notice.

Bring a Professional in for an Inspection

Hiring a licensed roofer for an inspection is the most practical way to find leaks. The roofer will run extensive tests and will look into your flashing, insulation, tiles, and other areas. They’ll spot areas of weakness and water damage and can let you know how much it’ll cost to fix.

When you hire a credible roofer you’ll always have access to quality service. It’s best to leave this work to licensed roofing professionals because the work will be completed quicker and with more effectiveness.

You should get your roof inspected at least once every 1 to 3 years just to make certain that you don’t have any problems with your roof.

Learn How to Detect Water Leaks

These tips explain how to detect water leaks in your household. Dealing with a water leak is often the first indicator of bigger problems on the horizon.

When you catch a leak early you’ll be able to protect your property value and save money in the long-term.

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