How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

how long does it take to replace a roof

When you’re considering a roof replacement, it’s inevitable to wonder about what’s going to happen up there and how it will affect your daily routine. You may wonder if you’ll need to leave your house, or if your neighbors will complain about the noise.

Your most pressing question is this—how long does it take to replace a roof?

In this post, we’ll look at a few different scenarios and talk about the timeline for a roof replacement.

Take a minute and learn more about roofing installation timeframes.

Roofing Replacement General Timelines

If every homeowner in the Atlanta area chose the same type of roofing materials and lived in the same size house we’d have an incredibly short answer to the question of how much time to expect for finishing a roof replacement.

While asphalt shingles continue to enjoy popularity as a roofing material, people also like cedar shakes and shingles. Metal roofs are also popular here in the Atlanta Metro and surrounding areas. And of course, homes all have different square footage.

If you’re looking solely at roofing materials, asphalt shingles take the least amount of time to install. An asphalt roof usually takes 1-2 days from tear-off to new roof installation.

A cedar shake roof may take 3-4 days (or longer). Installing a new cedar shake roof is comparable to assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle, hence, the longer timeframe. Metal roofs can take about the same time, so plan on roughly 3-4 days for those as well.

Next, we’ll talk about how the weather affects roof installations.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof in Atlanta?

We get it—once you determine you need a new roof you want it done as soon as possible. We’re homeowners too and understand not wanting to wait forever for a roof replacement. That said, several factors come into play when talking about roof jobs.

In some parts of the country, weather plays a distinct role in the timing of roof projects. In the Atlanta area, we enjoy relatively mild winter weather and weather doesn’t usually prolong finishing a roofing project.

We do prefer installing asphalt shingles when the temperatures stay at 40 degrees and above. That’s because once we nail asphalt shingles down, they adhere to the shingles underneath using adhesive. The shingles must form a tight bond and the heat of the sun helps.

As far as weather is concerned, it’s not a huge issue for Atlanta roofing teams. They work rain or shine! It’s those few days we get where temperatures aren’t ideal that could add a minimal amount of time to your roof job.

Ready to Schedule a Roof Replacement?

When you ask a roofing contractor how long does it take to replace a roof, it might feel like you get a vague answer.

Most reliable contractors won’t quote a timeframe until they come out and measure your home, look at the slope of your roof, and talk about your choice of roofing materials.

If you’re ready to schedule a roof replacement, contact us today. We offer free quotes and can get you on our schedule quickly!

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