Here’s What to Do With a Leaky Roof

what to do with a leaky roof

During the past year in 2020, Georgia experienced at least six major storms or severe weather disturbances. Unfortunately, this can lead to every home owner’s worse nightmare — a leaky roof.

And of course, when it rains, it pours (no pun intended). A leak in your roof, even a small one, can mean hundreds of dollars in repairs.

But, never fear! There are steps you can take to slow this potential money eater to a halt. Here is what to do with a leaky roof, home owner’s edition.

Find the Leak

Sounds simple enough, right? But often that spot in your ceiling or the drips you hear on your floor is not the initial site of the problem. So, what do you do?

Think about how gravity works. As you look at your roofline, when water initially hits it, where does the water go? This can help you analyze the exact spot where the water is entering your roof.

Stop the Leak

No, we are not saying to become an instant professional roofing sensation overnight. While that would make an interesting pilot to a new TV series, what we mean is simply this: tarp it. Now that you know where the leak is, do your best to cover that spot with a large tarp that you can purchase at any home repair store.

One note, however: DO NOT NAIL THE TARP DOWN. This can cause even more damage and thus achieve the exact opposite of your intended purpose to begin with. Instead, try using the “sandwich method” by tucking the tarp over the edge of eaves or under other shingles, making sure the tarp is at least four feet out in all directions from the problem area.

Dry the Inside of Your Home

Now that you have ensured no more water will be coming into your home, you need to dry out what is there. Mold and water damage is a problem that can potentially be spread if not handled immediately.

This would include pulling back the rug and exposing the under layer and drying out any furniture that may have gotten wet.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Especially if there is extensive water damage, you will need to replace things like walls, flooring, and other parts of the home. Documenting where the damage is by taking pictures and also contacting your insurance agent will help in getting the repairs done in a timely manner.

Get the Roof Fixed

There are many roofers out there, but make sure you hire a roofer that is licensed, insured, and trustworthy. An experienced roofer will not only be able to fix the source of the leak but will also be able to assess the rest of your roof. Being able to spot potential causes of future leaks can go a long way in preventing extensive damage.

Potential Roof Issues That You Can Handle

While hiring a roofing contractor is important, there are things that you can do as well to prevent a new leak the next time there is a downpour.

For one, check to make sure your gutter and downspouts are clear of debris. Cleaning out gutters helps prevent water from backing up on your roof and finding it’s way into your home. If necessary, repair any leaking gutters and regularly inspect them for maintenance.

Also, check your roof for any potential tree limbs or other debris. Any degradable material left on a roof can start to rot out your shingles and cause water to make it’s way inside.

Knowing What to Do With a Leaky Roof Can Be a Money Saver

Taking the needed steps to take care of roofing issues can make a world of difference in making a house, a home. Never underestimate what following a few simple steps can do in saving you time and money.

And if you find yourself in need of a roofer or more advice on what to do with a leaky roof, we are here to help. Contact us for a speedy fast quote today.

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