5 Major Signs You Need a Roof Repair

roof repair

Do you suspect that you need roof repair, but you are unsure how to identify the signs? You’ve found the right article to help!

Some signs that you need roof repair are more obvious than others. It’s not always the case that your roof is leaking buckets of water or losing shingles left and right. Sometimes the issue is much smaller.

If you think that your roof needs repair, you can look for several signs around your home and yard.

Keep reading to learn exactly what you should be looking out for.

1. Leaky Roof

If your roof is leaking it may not be readily apparent. Cracks can be small and only leak a small amount of water every time it rains. Yet, even a small amount of moisture can be dangerous.

When that moisture spreads into your roofing material it will expand and contract with the temperature outside. This movement widens the crack and leads to more leakage over time.

The longer you wait to repair a leaky roof, the more expensive the repairs will become. Make sure that you check for leaks in your attic, closets, and other hard-to-reach areas regularly.

2. High Energy Bill

If you’ve been experiencing a higher-than-normal energy bill, your roof may be at fault. When you have holes in your roof that are letting in light and moisture, heat and air are also making their way in.

Temperature leaks from damaged roofs force your heating or cooling system to put in extra work to compensate. Check for any sunlight making its way through your roof.

If you don’t notice any on the interior be sure to look for damage on the exterior too.

3. Visible Roof Damage

You’ll need to hire a roof repair service when you see visible damage on your rooftop. Most types of roof damage are easy to identify from the ground. You may see rouge shingles in your lawn, cracks, or dents.

If you suspect damage, but you can’t see it from your lawn or street, don’t get up there yourself. Unless you are trained, climbing around on your roof can lead to falling which can be painful, expensive, or even deadly.

Consider calling a roof repair company to come out and look for signs of damage. They can check for rot, decay, damage, or debris.

4. Gutter Damage

Gutter damage is another sign that you need a roof replacement or roof repair. Though you may not think of them as part of your roof, they play a large role in your roofing system.

If the gutters on your home are damaged, you may have water pooling on your roof. Cleaning your gutters is a necessary part of roof maintenance. Without it, you may need to have some serious damage fixed with repairs.

5. Critters In Your Attic

Have you noticed critters in your attic such as mice, squirrels, or birds? If so, you likely need to get your roof repaired. Animals like these like to make nests out of your roofing materials which can cause extra damage.

To get rid of these animals you will need to hire an exterminator. If you’d like to keep them out of your home, you’ll need to call a roof repair service.

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