4 Benefits of Hiring Roofers for Storm Damage Repair

One of the most common causes of roof damage is hail. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), hail storms were up 15% in 2022. 

If you’ve experienced a storm and suspect your roof may have some damage, you should contact a professional. It’s impossible to know the extent of roof damage without having an expert make an assessment.  

Are you hoping to prevent further damage to your home? Hiring roofers for your storm damage repair will do that and more. Keep reading to learn the benefits of hiring professional roofers. 

1. Insurance Claims 

If you have storm damage, it is critical to establish that the damage is a result of a storm and not damage that was already there. Many claims get rejected. To prevent that, it helps to have a roofing company on your side. 

A professional roofer knows what information the insurance company needs to support your claim. They can document the damage, give you a cost estimate, and make emergency repairs if needed. This will increase your chances of winning your claim and lead to faster remediation. 

2. Preventing Further Damage

When your roof has been damaged by stormy weather, there might be more than meets the eye. Are a few lifted shingles cause for concern? They could be! 

Ignoring storm damage to your roof could wind up costing you a lot of money. You may have leaks that aren’t obvious. You could end up with mold, ceiling damage, rotting wood, and more. 

Getting a roofer out to assess your roof will save you from dealing with further damage and shelling out even more money. 

3. Check the Stability of the Roof 

Following a bad storm that involves rain, snow, or ice, it’s important to inspect the stability of your roof. A roof inspector can do this and inspect the supports around the roof. 

Has the roof buckled? Are there any underlying problems? Getting a professional roofer to come by right after a storm is vital when the stability of the roof is in question. 

4. Peace of Mind 

You can leave your worries behind by hiring a professional to take a look at your roof following a bad storm. A roofer can tell you the exact damage and give you an estimate to repair it. 

They know how to meet the building codes and will finish the job while adhering to all safety regulations. Having professionals make emergency repairs or handle other immediate hazards will give you peace of mind. 

Storm Damage Repair 

Now you know the benefits of trusting your storm damage repair to the professionals. Having a roof inspection by a reputable roofing company will save you headaches down the road. 

Do you know who you can trust when you have roof storm damage? We at Detailed Roofing and Construction are a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience and expertise in roof repair.

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