3 Ways to Prevent Roof Water Damage During Storm Season

Are you looking for ways to keep water damage from impacting your life? After torrential rain, the last thing you want to deal with is a leaky roof. A roof leak can hurt everything beneath it and become a costly burden.

Fortunately, there are ways to stay on top of things. Read on to learn 3 ways to prevent roof water damage. 

1. Find the Water Damage Leak Source

Start by asking, “Where is the water coming from?” When you notice damp carpets or a bulging ceiling, you’ll want to hunt down the source of the problem.

You may see water trickling out of light fixtures, but it probably started its journey somewhere else. While water damage in roof coverings is a common source of leaks, your heating or plumbing could be a cause, too.

Check your attic, if you can access it, for a leak. You may want to bring a bucket if you see any water dripping, but don’t place the bucket on a weakened patch of ceiling. Take notes on the leak’s source so you can notify a roofer when they come to address it.

2. Prevent Roof Water Damage through Roof Maintenance

The best way to avoid long-lasting damage after a summer storm is through regular roof maintenance. Look for signs of curling shingles or bare spots that could let in water. And consider if your roof is toward the end of its lifespan, which will vary by material.

Don’t assume that a roof that looks fine from the street is secure, however. Gaps around the corners or issues with the decking may not be obvious. Get roofing professionals to assess your roof if you’ve just moved or are concerned about signs of aging. 

Gutters that haven’t been cleaned are another contributor to roof leaks. Make a habit of cleaning gutters during the spring and fall. If you don’t, water can collect in the gutters and seep inside your home.

3. Stop Water from Flowing During a Roof Leak

When you find a leak, it’s time to take action fast. Grab pots and pans from your kitchen to collect water and prevent floor damage. You don’t want to deal with water damage roof leak mold.

If you see a bubble in the ceiling or wall, use a screwdriver to pop it. This will release pent-up water. Just be sure you have buckets to catch it!

On top of your roof, you can use a tarp to cover a leak in your roof and attach it with staples. But you’re better off calling the professionals for roof repairs. Your roof’s height and pitch can make it a dangerous spot for water damage roof repair.

Avoid Water Damage

Roof water damage can devastate your property if you don’t tackle it quickly and take preventative measures. Schedule regular roof assessments and gather as much water as you can when you find a leak. Most importantly, let the professionals handle the repairs and replacements so you can stay safe. 

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