3 Tips for Hiring Residential Roofing Services for Your Home

Investing in a new roof for your home will cost you more than $12,000, according to U.S. News and World Report. You want the best residential roofing company doing the job. Hiring the right people is essential to having the job done right. 

Advice on hiring a residential roofing company for your home includes researching potential contractors, asking about paperwork, and getting estimates. 

Here are three tips for hiring a residential roofing service for your home.

1. Research

Researching residential roofing companies is much like a job interview. Ask about their years of experience. Inquire about the number of roof installations they’ve done over time. 

Be sure to ask a residential roofing services company for past customers. Ride around the neighborhood to see their previous work for yourself! Talk to prior customers to find out if they are reputable. 

Search online for residential roofing in Lilburn, GA. You will get a list of contractors performing residential roofing services in your local area. 

Ask your family, friends, and co-workers when researching residential roofing services. Online reviews are also helpful. People are not shy to tell you about their experiences!

2. Paperwork

A residential roofing company in Lilburn, GA, must have the proper paperwork before beginning work on your home.

It protects both you and the roofer.


Check for the proper licensing of a residential roofing service. In each community, residential roofing companies must have a license to work.

Failing to do so could mean fines. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

A residential roofing company needs to have workers’ compensation insurance.

If someone gets hurt on the job, insurance for a residential roofing company pays the medical bills and salary for an injured worker. In Georgia, a business of three or more workers must have workers’ comp insurance. 

Liability Insurance 

Liability insurance also protects the homeowner from damage done by residential roofing companies.

For example, liability insurance would pay for repairs. 


Ask about any professional certifications. 

Many roofers will be upfront to discuss the latest educational requirements and credentials. Both will show their dedication to the highest standards and quality service. 

3. Estimates

You won’t know the final price from residential roofing companies until you get an estimate.

Roofers will come to your home, measure your roof, and determine the cost of materials. Residential roofing companies will also estimate the time it will take to complete the job. 

You can compare estimates with various roofing companies and then make a decision. 

Three Tips for Hiring a Residential Roofing Company 

Three tips for hiring a residential roofing company include research, paperwork, and estimates. Once you do your due diligence, you’ll be ready to hire a roofer for your home!

Allow us to install a quality roof on your home. Our skilled workers and expertise will give you a roof that will last decades. We have the knowledge, work ethic, and materials to provide peace of mind.  

Your home is a significant investment. Don’t trust anyone else!

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